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Friesland Province

Door: Rado

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30 Oktober 2009 | ,

Today I went to the province Friesland in very very north.The capital is called Lionarden. Very beautiful, many cows, ugly flag. The people have their own language, so one day maybe they want to be independent and then war starts and Dutch in Friesland also want their own kingdom and I will support them because one Holland, one country!

Friesland has a footballclub called Lord's Moor and they are doing very bad in the Dutch Premier league now. Poor Lord's Moor, they need Mateja Kezman!

Above Friesland their are some tiny islands and one of them is called Almostmonkseye. I didn't go there because I always get seasick when I am on a boat.

So bye again!

XXX, Rado

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